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More than 40 Years of Experience in Developing and Manufacturing Disinfectants

PROSEPT® is a spin-off of OCC Switzerland, one of the leading private-label manufacturers of infection control products for the dental and medical industry with more than 43 years of experience in manufacturing hand disinfectants, sanitizers, high-level surface disinfectants, wet wipes, instrument disinfectants, cold sterilants and landry disinfectants.

PROSEPT® is broad product portfolio includes hand washing, hand sanitizing and skin care formulas as well as a large number of surface disinfectants, disinfecting wipes, instrument disinfectants as well as numerous disposables such as gloves and face masks.

If simplicity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness is critical in your choice of disinfectants, consider PROSEPT®. All our products are developed in our own laboratories, offer a broad effective spectrum and lighting fast exposure times.

When developing new disinfectants, we always have the user in mind. We try to limit the number of products to guarantee that you, as the end-user, obtain a high quality, cost effective, multi-purpose disinfectants that cover a range of applications.

PROSEPT® disinfectants are available in small bottles and larger cost-effective containers addressing the needs of high-volume users. 

Do you want to become a PROSEPT Distributor?

If you want to become a distributor of PROSEPT disinfectants in your country or purchase disinfectants in large quantities, please contact us.