PROSEPT Jet D – The powerful disinfectant concentrate for suction units.

PROSEPT® Jet D – The powerful concentrate for the disinfection of suction units, spittoon bowls and amalgam separators.
PROSEPT® Jet D is a liquid concentrate for the disinfection and cleaning of suction units, spittoon bowls, and amalgam separators. A balanced ratio of disinfecting and cleaning agents ensures effective disinfection and removal of residue such as blood, protein, or other build-up. PROSEPT® Jet D is foam-free and does not contain any aggressive substances such as aldehydes or phenols. As a result, PROSEPT® Jet D offers high material compatibility and guarantees a smooth operation of the suction unit.
Advantages at a Glance
  • Proven formula
    Dentists around the world are using this proven formula on a daily basis for the disinfection and cleansing of their suction units with complete satisfaction.
  • High-yielding concentrate
    2 litres of disinfectant concentrate yields 100 litres of working solution.
  • Non-foaming
    Gentle cleaning of dental suction units.
  • Simple application
    Volumes are indicated on the lid for fast and easy dosing of disinfectant concentrates.
Effective Spectrum / Exposure Times
Bactericidal (1,2) 2% in 30 min.
Yeasticidal (1,3) 2% in 30 min.
Hepatitis B virus (4) 2% in 30 min.
Hepatitis C virus (5,6) 2% in 5 min.
Human immunodeficiency virus (4) 2% in 30 min.

(1) DGHM standard methods*, (2) EN 1040, (3) EN 1275, (4) HBs antigen test incl. HIV, (5) RKI/DVV guidelines, (6) BVDV surrogate virus, * carrier test
How Do I Use PROSEPT® Jet D?

For your protection, wear gloves and safety goggles. Prepare the working solution according to the instructions on the label. Use the volume markings on the inside of the lid for correct dosage. Aspirate 1.5 litres per unit using the OROCLEAN® Cup. Pour 0.5 litres down the spittoon bowl. Leave to act. Rinse the unit thoroughly with water.
Delivery Form
Item Code PROSEPT® Jet D
OD-071020 2 litre bottle with measuring cap

Why is PROSEPT® Jet D so efficient?
Composition in 100 g: 5 g benzalkonium chloride, anti-foaming agents, special surfactants
Colour: Yellow
Physical state: Clear, slightly viscous liquid
Scent: Aromatic
Density (20 °C): 1.02 (g/cm3)
pH-value (Concentrate): 10 - 12
pH-value (2% working solution): 9 - 11
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Material Safety Data Sheet
Technical Datasheet
H290 May be corrosive to metals. H314 Causes severe skin burns and eye damage. H410 Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects. P280.1 Wear protective gloves, protective clothing and eye protection. P301+P330+P331 IF SWALLOWED: Rinse mouth. Do NOT induce vomiting. P303+P361+P353 IF ON SKIN (or hair): Remove/Take off immediately all contaminated clothing. Rinse skin with water/shower. P305+P351+P338 IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. P391 Collect spillage. P501 Dispose of contents/container in accordance with relevant regulations.
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